CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) — This holiday season, shelves full of stuffed animals at the Conway Police Department could save you from getting a traffic ticket.

Officer Michael Johnson said the Conway police department is giving out warning bears.

If you commit a minor traffic offense, you could possibly get a warning bear, instead of a ticket or written warning.

“A traffic stop can sometimes become routine on both parts as we go through that procedure so changing it up without having to give a ticket and give a bear makes us feel good about our jobs and for the citizens anytime they leave a traffic stop without a ticket, I'm pretty sure they're happy,” he said.

Johnson said it's a way for the department to spread holiday cheer.

“So after I give you your warning, I give you a teddy bear and we're all good. If I make ten traffic stops and i have ten bears then ten people got to go home lucky with a teddy bear that day,” he said.

You may be able to get out of a ticket one time but the next time you might not be so lucky. The Conway police department wants you to use your bear as a reminder to drive safe.

“I gave out a Grinch one the other day, I still have a quilt bear to give out and he doesn't have any eyes but he's still cute,” officer Johnson said.

Along with the bears; there's elephants, lions, rabbits, and a couple of friendly dogs.

“We're going strong and I think we'll probably keep it up until the end of the holiday season,” he said.

Now don't think you'll get a bear if you run four red lights, that'll definitely get you a ticket, not a stuffed animal, so be smart. Warning bears are only randomly being given out for minor traffic stops.

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