ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- Last month, we told you about a group that is doing everything it can to make sure those in need have a warm coat this winter.

Previous Story: Rockingham Group Leaves Over 1,800 Coats Around County for Homeless

The organization known as 'Blessing the Homeless of Rockingham County' has placed more than 1,800 coats throughout the county, but its mission doesn't stop there. Since Thanksgiving, other groups and individuals passed out even more coats, scarves, and gloves.

Over the weekend, the group helped open a temporary emergency shelter as freezing temperatures as low as 19 degrees get ready to hit the Triad this week. The emergency shelter has enough room to house 20 people at one time.

It's housed at Saving Grace Ministries in Eden. Pastor Joshua Patterson says it's been such a blessing to see the community come together to help others. Pastor Patterson says this emergency shelter will also help when there is any overflow at the main shelter in Rockingham County.

The group is also working on 23 blessing boxes that will get placed around the county. The goal is to put non-perishable food and water inside of them for anyone who might need food or water.

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The group is also working on creating 'Blessing Boxes' to place around the county. The boxes will be filled with non-perishable items, ready for whoever needs something, to take it.

The group says the overall goal is to reduce homelessness and provide support for them.