WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Band members at Philo-Hill Middle School were surprised with over 100 instruments and $2000 for their and other Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, donated by National Pawn’s president Bob Moulton.

The various trumpets, trombones, recorders, guitars and other instruments will be divided between music programs at Easton Elementary School, Walkertown Middle School, Mineral Springs Middle School and Philo-Hill Magnet Academy.

Budget cuts in music and art programs in schools have caused less instruments to be available and fewer funds to cover their upkeep.

Philo-Hill Band Teacher, Curtis Cotton III , says, “a lot of kids do not have their own instruments, a lot of them do not have the money to purchase their own individual instruments, so when we’re able to provide instruments for students that goes further than miles away.”

National Pawn and its president Bob Moulton have been committed to supporting music programs in counties where National Pawn stores are located.

During the surprise assembly at the school, Moulton shared a personal experience as a former band member with the students who came from a family who couldn’t afford a brand new trumpet at the time.

“Years ago, I looked around and I just thought, ‘We have all these instruments in our stores. I’m sure there’s tons of kids that are in the same position that I was,’” said Moulton.

Antwon Rucker, an eighth-grade trombone player, said, “It makes me feel better because the sound is gonna sound more better when we play and it’ll be more exciting.”

“Now the students that did not have an instrument before and did not have an instrument to use in the classroom, now they’re gonna have one,” Cotton III said.

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