Daniel Summers rides MARTA every day.

The 29-year-old father takes the train from his Kirkwood home in east Atlanta to his job in Downtown Atlanta at Georgia Pacific, usually without anything out of the ordinary happening.

But on his Thursday morning commute, Summers and several other Good Samaritans were unexpectedly forced into action in order to save a man's life.

Summers had just gotten off his train at the Five Points station and was walking to his office building when he heard a commotion and screams for help. When he looked up, he saw that a man had fallen into the tracks, saw a cane and instinctively jumped down from the platform to help.

"I noticed that people were yelling, then I realized they were yelling 'Help!'"  Summers told 11Alive. 

The man who had fallen, fortunately, was not close to the third, electrified rail, which was on the far side of where the man fell. Video from the scene shows the moment when Summers and three others pull the fallen man to safety. 

"We just kind of got on each side of him, we didn’t say anything to each other, we just kind of understood this guy needs to move, fast," he told 11Alive's Jon Shirek.

Jason Molineaux also takes MARTA every day and was on the opposite side of the platform and took the video of the rescue. He said when he saw the people had already begun to help, he immediately pulled out his phone and began recording. 

"I wanted to tape it and get them on video because, you know, they were real heroes," Molineaux told 11Alive.

He said he was scared for everybody because "so many things could have gone wrong." But Molineaux described the rescue as a success and a team effort.

"This is some good news in an otherwise kind of hectic week that Atlanta’s had," he said. "This was a good story."

Meanwhile, Summers, who had just celebrated a birthday yesterday, said he didn't get the chance to speak to the man who had fallen, nor to the people who'd jumped into action alongside him. But he had a special message to them, especially the Good Samaritan who jumped into the tracks, too: "Thanks. For being there."

"He didn’t take a second to think," Summers said. "He came in and jumped down and helped me, and it took just a look in the eye, and kind of told him, like, we’re lifting this guy, without any words. And we popped him right off the track."

MARTA described the man as visually impaired. After falling, he couldn't find his glasses, but rescuers were able to find them. He was taken immediately to Grady Memorial Hospital to get checked out.

Thinking back, Summers said he and the others were just in the right place at the right time. But, he said it was an opportunity to help someone.

"There was really one choice – go help the guy get off the tracks," Summers told 11Alive. "I hope someone would do that for me."