GREENSBORO, NC - The Greensboro Police Department is going green... but not in the way you might think.

From March through May officers are able to have green streaks in their hair, wear green nail polish and have beards. All of this is in an effort to raise awareness about Traumatic Brain Injuries.

The campaign is in support of an officer who is currently battling TBI.

“Green is the color associated with TBI,” said Chief Wayne Scott, “And I think displaying this color will certainly cause members of the public to ask questions about it. That opens the door for us to talk about how we are supporting one of our employees who is fighting to recover from this life-changing injury.”

Greensboro Police said the officer was injured during a home improvement project. The 19-year veteran of the department was injured mid-January of this year.

When the police chief was asked why beards in addition to sporting green he said,

“Beards are a very different look for our officers. I hope the facial hair will cause members of the public to become inquisitive. Then, we can talk with them about why we are growing beards to raise awareness about TBI .”

On June 1, employees must revert the existing rules in place which requires men to have clean shaven faces with the exception of neatly-trimmed mustaches.

And green hair? Definitely out the question beginning June 1.