GREENSBORO, N.C. – Janjay Gardea, an eighth grader at Northern Guilford Middle School, received a special surprise at her school’s fundraiser kickoff.

In front of her entire class, representatives from Walmart recognized her as a Walmart “Everyday Hero” in the Greensboro area.

For the past two years, Gardea has helped her mother expand her “MarDec Educational Project,” which collects school supply donations for kids and schools in Liberia.

Gardea told her classmates that after the Liberian Civil war, the country has not been the same, and schools lack schools supplies and infrastructure for kids to learn.

When she learned this from her parents she immediately decided to help.

“I collected over a thousand eight hundred supplies last year,” Gardea says.

Gardea says that at first when she tried to get classmates interested in her cause, it didn’t receive much attention. She hopes that this exposure will help her spread the word and get others to join her efforts.

“I wanted this to be open for the entire school,” she added.

The 13-year-old was given her own backpack full of school supplies from Walmart.

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