Denver's Harvey Park neighborhood, in the southwest part of the city, isn't known for its passive aggressive postcards.

"Harvey Park is a great neighborhood, it's got great schools, great people, it's filled with a lot of different activities, like the Harvey Park festival, libraries that have all kinds of kids programs," Ayrielle, a resident, said. "People are very friendly."

But one mean-spirited neighbor is poisoning that great neighborhood mentality. He, or she, decided to write a note, and send it to a neighbor named Ayrielle, without knowing what was going on in her life.

It reads:

"H.P. Resident, You were in the running for the worst lawn in the neighborhood. Please put down the pipe, the bottle, the bong, the joint, the cigarettes and please water the grass. Try killing a weed instead of smoking it. Your yard is an embarrassment to the neighborhood. You're hurting the value of homes. You did not win, but you are a loser."

A postcard a woman in Denver's Harvey Park neighborhood received Thursday.

Little did this neighbor know, the woman who lived in the home the postcard was referring to, has a lot more to care for in her life than her lawn.

"I received that postcard that said horrible things. Stuff that wasn't true about me and my family. Because this person doesn't know me. Doesn't know that I don't drink alcohol. Doesn't know that I don't smoke," Ayrielle said. "[That person] doesn't know I have a kid. Doesn't know that I work every day to try and make ends meet. Like most families."

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Ayrielle works three jobs to support herself, her son, and her mother. Her son has autism. And her mom is deaf and blind. So she decided to defend herself on Facebook.

"I'm going to be honest here. I'm a single mom with an autistic 3 year old little boy and a deaf blind mom. At 24 I'm not only attempting to work 3 jobs to provide for my family, but I'm also trying to fight my depression and my eating disorder. No my household isn't perfect but the postcard I received today only proves that people don't know the full story and don't care. It broke my heart."

The woman from Harvey Park responded to the hateful postcard she received with a Facebook post.

"It hurt." Ayrielle said. "To be honest, I cried. Not only did someone judge my yard., they judged me without knowing me. I didn't see how someone could do that without talking to me, and asking what was up, what was going on. If I would have been able to defend myself to a real person, it would have worked out better."

There is a positive aspect to this - a group of Ayrielle's neighbors are getting together over the weekend to help her spruce up her lawn. They decided to do that after seeing Ayrielle's Facebook post.