OMAHA, Neb -- A Nebraska man decided to take action after his son told him that he was going to panhandle to make money.

Charles Logan said, “I told him if you’re going on the street, I’m going to embarrass you so I saw him out there and I did it.”

Logan made his own sign that reads, “Get a Job” and held it up to embarrass his son.

However, Logan has since decided to keep at it. He wants to tackle panhandling by holding up the sign for all those to see who are passing along on 72nd and Dodge Street in Omaha.

“Go get a job, go work, earn your money,” said Logan, “There's no excuse for people being on the street.”
Logan said it comes with mixed reactions from drivers and panhandlers.

According to KMTV, Charles Smith said he panhandles for his family.

“To keep my daughter from being on the streets, I'm going to do what I need to do to make sure that my daughter and I have a safe place to live,” said Smith.

He said this was his last option as he was on disability but said that money is gone now, “They stopped my disability check a little while ago because I had to go for a disability review,” said Smith.

Smith said he’s not a fan of the ‘Get A Job’ sign. He said, Logan doesn’t know the particular situations of those who have to panhandle.

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