GREENSBORO -- Replacements LTD hosted their massive, legendary yard sale today!

It's an annual event where the tableware company lets people come and search for through tens of thousands imperfect pieces! There are boxes as far as the eye can see! Some of the attendees are collectors, others just looking for stuff to add to their homes, while others search for pieces to give as gifts!

Listen to this: spokespeople say shoppers started lining up for the sale at 11 o'clock Friday night! They say they saw cars from 19 different states in the parking lot. One of the cars belonged to a couple ladies who drove 15 hours from Texas, just for the sale! Public Relations Manager Lisa Conklin said she thinks the 'hunt' is the appeal. "I think the yard sale is about the thrill of the hunt. So folks are out here hunting and finding these pieces, so when folks find something that connects to them, or means something to them or they find their pattern they get so excited!"

The sale ended at 7:00pm, but will happen again next year. Mark your calendars!