CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Kids in the Triad need your help.

The 25th annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive started Saturday, and officials say they need donations more than ever.

Beverly Gentry, who is leading the food drive, says donations last year were less than half of what they were just six years ago.

The way the food drive works is simple: you will probably receive a blue bag in your mailbox sometime this week. Fill it with canned or boxed food, and put it back out at your mailbox so your mail carrier can pick it up.

Local post offices collected 118,000 pounds of food last year, and organizers are hopeful to beat that number in 2017. In 2011, donations reached nearly 250,000 pounds.

All of the food collected goes to two local food banks, Second Harvest and Loaves and Fishes, to help kids and seniors, as well as others who might not have enough to eat this summer.

“This is when children get out of school for the summer months and they would normally receive a free breakfast or a lunch,” Gentry said. “So, now they can get food to do them through the summer to help that.”

Gentry says food pantries tend to go low during the summer months, and it’s not just children in need.

“You also have to think of the elderly people,” Gentry explained. “Not just the children during the summer, the elderly people who give up groceries in order to pay their medical bills and their expenses while on a fixed income.”

If you don’t have anything in your cupboard today, you can leave food by your mailbox all week or bring it to the closest post office.