WINSTON-SALEM, NC - Jason Messer, the teenager who fell 50 feet off a cliff at Hanging Rock State Park is in critical but stable condition according to his father.

Ben Messer also sent the following statement regarding his son's condition on Saturday,

"The Messer family would like to thank each and every person in the community and across the country who have reached out to us in prayer and support during this very difficult time in our family's life. Jason is recovering very slowly. He is still unconscious. He is making small amounts of progress but still has many months to go. The doctors and nurses at WFUB hospital have been phenomenal to work with and are giving Jason perhaps the best care in the world. We also want to recognize all of the first responders and emergency personnel who risked their lives to save my sons life. After visiting hanging Rock on Friday and seeing first hand where Jason was and the treacherous terrain they had to go through to retrieve him we are in awe of their efforts. We would like to encourage everyone to go out of their way to thank those who risk their lives every day. Jason is a fighter and he will give every effort to push through this affliction. We would also like to encourage every one to consider your own life today. None of us are guaranteed even one more breath. This life is but a vapor here today and gone tomorrow and then you are faced with eternity. Consider where you will be for eternity. God is omnipresent and sovereign and He is not surprised by Jason's accident. God's abundant Grace is sustaining us more than we could ever imagine. Please continue to pray for Jason's recovery."

Jason Messer was hiking with three friends when he fell off the side of the mountain, according to his brother, Sam Messer. Sam says the group was heading back down the mountain when Jason fell.

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