GREENSBORO, N.C. – Homeless veterans in the Triad had an entire day to receive services and care from providers and event partners at The Service Center’s 2017 Triad Stand Down for Veterans.

Volunteers and providers helped hundreds of homeless veterans in Central North Carolina, such as various health services screenings and counseling, clothing, benefits assistance, housing services, food, child support, and employment services, just to name a few.

Travis Thompson is a veteran from Surry County who has received help from the Veterans Safety Net Caring Services in High Point for the past 14 months.

“It’s brought me a lot of knowledge about the reasons why I am like I am, the disease of addiction,” Thompson said. “They give you tools to work with.”

Thompson said he wishes more events like this were spread around more rural areas for veterans in need, like himself.

“You kinda have to hunt it down if you live in certain areas,” he added.

One of the volunteers helping people like Thompson was an active-duty soldier. Felicia Dahl is a senior Nursing student at UNCG through the Army-Enlisted Commissioning program.

“I wanted to bring more attention to this veteran population because it is an overlooked population,” Dahl said.

To find out ways you can help serve veterans who have encountered hardships in their life or during their service, visit

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