WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- A motivational speaker and hip hop artist from Winston-Salem is using music to spread good vibes and inspire others in his hometown.

C.J. Beatty recently created a new music video called "Have a Good Day."

It's a catchy tune with a simple message, to motivate people and show off his hometown.

“I wanted to do it for my city of Winston-Salem because I'm proud about the city,” said Beatty.

Beatty posted the video on his Facebook page Tuesday and it's received more than 17,000 views!

The video showcases beautiful skyline shots of the City of Winston-Salem and several cameos from the community, including Mayor Allen Joines.

“I'm not a good dancer by any means,” said Joines. “But it's fun. It's such a happy, fun video, I couldn't say no.”

It’s a fun video with easy dance moves ("Step left, step right, hands in the air").

But Beatty says the song is really about sending an inspirational message to people who find themselves down on their luck.

“Listen to the lyrics and you will find your self motivated,” said Beatty. “This is a song that is geared to keep you in the fight.”

Beatty played professional baseball for six years, including a stint with the Winston-Salem Dash, before he retired in 2015 to become a motivational speaker and hip hop artist.

“I nosedived into motivational speaking. Here I am,” said Beatty. “It led me to music because I feel like music is another way that connects people.”

Beatty says he has re-dedicated his life to spreading love and inspiration to anyone down on their luck.

“There are so many things stacked up against you but when you hear this song, it's telling you no matter what, I'm going to keep my face on happy,” he said.

"Have a Good Day" is just one of Beatty's songs.

He's put out a whole album called 'Faith'.

Beatty says he’s already working on 'Faith 2' which will come out in January.

Check out what happened when Beatty showed the News 2 team how to do it!