GREENSBORO, N.C. – Scott Mann is a local 3rd grader with spina bifida who’s a big fan of two things: trucks and superheroes.

His fascination for them began last spring when a Walmart Trucker Buddy, Steve Weldon, visited his 2nd grade classroom to talk about his work.

Weldon partnered up with the Walmart Heart program to honor Scott as Honorary Truck Driver with the help of Heart program leaders, Fred Thompson and Ricky Tillman.

The Walmart Heart Program is an organization fully funded and sponsored by Walmart truck drivers that honors special needs children as Honorary Truck Drivers.

Scott’s condition restrains him from walking and breathing on his own for extended periods of time.

With a superhero cake, miniature trucks, a real-life truck ride, lots of Walmart friends and his family, Scott was surprised at the W Elmsley St Walmart Superstore and reminded of how special and loved he is.

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