HIGH POINT, N.C. -- High Point Police say four people have been charged after two parents left their 4-month-old boy with strangers.

Police responded to InTown Suites on North Main Street Thursday morning after getting a call from a concerned family member asking officers to check on the baby.

According to the police report, the relative received a text message that the baby had fallen off the bed and busted his eye while being watched by strangers.

Officers say when they arrived, the infant had a swollen left eye, bruised lips, and other bruises on his body. He was taken to Brenner Children's Hospital for treatment.

Detective Hosier said the room was "very disheveled and unsanitary and unsuitable living conditions for an infant child."

Investigators have contacted Social Services. After medical treatment, DSS will determine where the child will be placed.

Police arrested the child's mother Jordan A. Myrick and father Archie T. Turner, as well as the two strangers Michael A. Baldwin and Evelyn D. Thompson.

All four have been charged with Misdemeanor Child Abuse/Neglect. They each are in jail under a $10,000 secured bond.