MARIETTA, Ga. – A Cobb County family is trying to figure why someone would dump what seems to be a toxic chemical on their toddler’s playset.

The vandal was caught on videotape on their surveillance system. Two-year-old Samuel Petka loves to play on his toddler slide, but his parents are keeping him away after the incident.

His dad first noticed something was amiss Friday evening while he was in his front yard, chatting with a neighbor in a subdivision called Holly Springs.

"I saw dark burn marks in our grass in the shape of footprints," he said. "So I decided to go check my camera and I could see that someone walked across my yard at 4:32 a.m., and poured some type of toxic chemical on my child’s slide and luckily he poured it on his shoes and it burned it into the grass and then walked away."

The person in the video appeared to be wearing a backpack and seemingly dumps something deliberately on the child’s slide. The black footprints continue to the street.

"[It's] just so upsetting to think someone would specifically target a child’s toy it’s unbelievable," Kathleen Petka said.

"It wasn't just an act of vandalism. He purposely decided to, you know, pick a child's toy and put toxins on it and walk away," Jeff said.

The two said Cobb County Police took a report and a made a copy of the video. Kathleen is eight months pregnant and glad she wasn’t exposed to whatever the substance was.

Neighbors in that subdivision have been sharing the video on social media and keeping a close eye on their children and pets.

Police said they will have more details on their investigation on Monday.