GREENSBORO, NC -- Another item on the December 19th Greensboro Ciy Council agenda involves Greensboro police's GunStoppers program.

You might remember, Police Chief Wayne Scott introduced the program in February 2017. It's like CrimeStoppers, but people can give anonymous tips about illegal guns for a cash reward. The goal is to get the illegal guns off the street and out of the wrong hands.

But in Greensboro, the number of crimes involving guns has gone up this year. Take a look at these numbers provided by Greensboro Police. The total number of cases involving guns has increased over the past three years.

2015 2016 2017

TOTAL 1117 1311 1450

When you look at offenses involving guns by category, individual robberies involving guns are down, aggravated assaults involving guns are up slightly, and both commercial robberies and homicides involving guns are up.

2015 2016 2017


AGG. ASSAULTS 160 183 189


HOMICIDES 15 31 34

Earlier this year, Chief Scott said getting guns off the street is key to decreasing crime. "This is one very small part of multifaceted approach for us to address violent crime in our community. You know we've seen rises in violent crime here in Greensboro like nearly every community in the country has and we want to be proactive and do something about it."

At the meeting, the city council has to approve the program's budget.