BUCKEYE, Ariz. - An attempted delivery of illegal contraband at ASPC-Lewis in Buckeye was unsuccessful after the drone that was carrying the items crashed, according to an Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman.

According to ADC, the drone crashed back in September in a "no man's" security zone, which is unreachable by inmates.

The drone was carrying multiple cell phones and drugs. ADC said it was the first known encounter of a drone at an Arizona state prison.

"Airspace around prisons is already federally restricted and flying a drone near or over a prison is prohibited," ADC said. "Importing drugs and cell phones into a prison is a felony crime, and the department will seek prosecution of anyone responsible for such activity."

The state crime lab was not able to trace its origin or figure out its intended destination after items were sent in for fingerprint and DNA testing, according to ADC.

ADC said the best "weapon" against illegal contraband in prisons is a "heightened staff awareness and vigilance."

The department went on to say Arizona correctional officers already do an "excellent" job at stopping illegal items from entering state prisons, which "may explain why bad guys are turning to new methods such as drones to try to get illegal contraband inside prisons."