CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A grave warning for anyone using a ride sharing service these days after officials say the number of people posing as drivers being reported is on the rise.

This news comes after a North Carolina woman came face to face with a fake Uber driver

"It's just sad," said Max Allen, an Uber user.

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After you order, but before you get in, police are now stressing ride-sharing safety. Cops in Asheville say a woman there was assaulted and nearly raped by a man pretending to be an Uber driver.

Sadly this isn't the first time something like this is making headlines.

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"All I said to him was good morning," said Kathryn Grabowski. "He said go ahead and get on in."

Across the country there is a growing number of fake drivers rolling up to scam you.

"I realized as I was looking at my phone, this is not my Uber," said Grabowski.

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From posers to the real thing, ride-sharing services have become popular. A woman in Atlanta got a black eye after she says an Uber driver punched her.

Two months ago in Charlotte a woman claims her Uber driver went into a fit of rage and physically pulled her out of his car. She shamed him on social media.

"Just a great reminder that you have to be diligent," said Allen.

Uber and Lyft along with safety advocates have these recommendations:

- Always use the app to request a ride and never accept rides from drivers in-person.
- Match the actual license plate number with the number on your app.
- Ask your driver who he or she is picking up before getting in.
- If you're riding alone, sit in the backseat.