GREENSBORO, NC - If you live in Greensboro you might notice more police going door-to-door asking questions this week.

So far in October there have been four people who have died from gunshot wounds at three different shootings. The first person was Anthony Charles Smith who was an on duty security guard at the Food Lion on E. Market Street.

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Second was NC A&T students Alisia Dieudonne and Ahmad Campbell who were shot at an off campus party.

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The third shooting was the homicide of Jahad Brailey on the 2300 block of Juliet Place.

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On Wednesday October 19, Greensboro Police will be setting up multi-agency response teams to reassure people these crimes will not be tolerated, and the try to get more information on the shootings.

If you are interested in helping out, go to the Food Lion at 2316 E. Market St. at 4:00 p.m. Groups will divide into three teams to cover one of the areas where the shootings happened.