HIGH POINT, N.C. -- In High Point, heroin overdoses have skyrocketed compared to the same timeframe as last year.

Police tell us there have been 62 total heroin overdoses in January and February. Three of those overdoses resulted in a death.

During the same timeframe last year, there were 10 overdoses and zero deaths.

Officers have already used Narcan nine times this year during an overdose call. In all of 2016, Narcan was used 17 times.

Heroin by the numbers in High Point:

  • There have been 10 traffic accidents involving heroin overdoses so far in 2017. Police are researching these types of accidents for previous years.
  • A total of three children have been present during a heroin overdose call in 2017. Nine children were present during these calls in all of 2016.
  • The last time High Point Police had ZERO heroin overdose calls for an entire month was back in October 2014.
  • Police recorded 42 overdoses in August 2016 - the most in one month between 2014 to present.
  • August 2016 also had a total of 4 deaths - the most in one month between 2014 to present.
  • There were 40 overdose calls alone in January of this year. Two of those calls resulted in deaths.