HIGH POINT, NC -- High Point Police say a woman has been preying on elderly grocery shoppers.

Police say the woman has stolen from at least three women, stealing their wallets from their purses as they shop. The thefts all happened at the Harris Teeter on Skeet Club Road on December 28, 2017, January 9, 2018, and January 24, 2018.

From car, to cart, you might get a false sense of security, once inside the grocery store.

That's what Bonnie Hackney says happened to her just a few weeks ago.

“I went to pay for my groceries, and my wallet was not in my purse. So, I immediately called my husband, and I said did I drop my wallet on the floor? He said no and he had to come over and pay for the groceries,” she said.

When it happened, her purse had been in the front of the cart, open. Then, she realized her wallet had been stolen, and the thief was already using her cards.

“They bought four gift cards at Harris Teeter right there, within five minutes,” she explained, “And then had got on to Walgreens on Main Street and used a credit card. Some of the things didn't go through but they tried, but it amounted to an attempt of about $4,000.”

She's not the only one. Police have at least two other similar reports in High Point, and surveillance pictures to go along with them. They say it's happening more frequently, and it's easy to do with lots of distractions and strangers milling about in grocery stores.

Investigators believe the suspect has traveled outside of High Point too, and that she is linked to a dark colored sedan. They've staged undercover operations in various grocery stores - but still don't have anyone in custody.

Police say the victims were 74, 87, and 72 years old.

If you've seen the woman in these surveillance pictures, contact High Point Crimestoppers at (336) 889-4000.