He thought his father had moved on with his life, and now the son of a man found dead and dismembered in his home is sharing his story.

“You don’t think someone would shoot your dad in the back of the head and dismember his body. I mean, I don’t know what person would go straight to that."

They were powerful words from the oldest son of Howard Eubank.

“How do you cut up your own husband?” said Joshua. “I mean, think about that.”

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Joshua Eubank, 31, doesn’t know the answer --- and admits that he may never know why. For months, he thought his father was separated from his wife, moving forward in another state.

"With this whole thing, we seriously thought that his wife finally broke up and he was trying to find himself in life.”

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Joshua, who now lives in South Carolina, received a message from who he thought was his dad, saying he was moving to Texas.

“We would get messages updates from Marcia that he was okay and doing good in the Hurricane. We got later ones, September timeframe, saying that he’s moving up north, but he’s going to stay in Indiana.”

Joshua said another message came in saying his dad he got a new phone number and he would call him once he cleared his head.

“It seemed like he wanted to be on his own.”

And during this time, Joshua and his brothers were going through their own challenges.

“During that time, my mom just passed, we have different mothers. I didn’t have time to worry

about my dad, I guess you could say. I had my mom’s stuff to attend to do as well.”

Joshua's mother passed away in October after she diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

When the family returned to Ohio later this year, one of Joshua’s brothers visited the Linda Ave. home, which was shared by his father and Marcia.

"She didn’t act funny, the house didn’t smell weird," Joshua said. "Nothing.”

Joshua did note that his father "did drink too much" at times and that his father and Marcia would often argue.

“Trust me they fought a lot, it was almost daily.”

But Joshua said his father didn’t deserve to have his life taken away.

“We’ve all had problems, I guess you would say, but no matter what he didn’t deserve anything like this.”

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