CHANDLER, Ariz. - Surveillance video from a Monday shooting in a Chandler strip mall show just how close two bullets came to hitting a young girl.

In the video, the girl is seen playing in a barber shop. Her mother was working in the shop.

As she sits down on a bench, you can see the glass blown out as a bullet strikes the window just to the right of her head, then just to the right.

Police said the girl was injured by the glass shards, but she was not hit by the bullets.

First responders took her to the hospital to treat her for injuries caused by the glass debris. The situation could have ended much worse than that.

According to police, the shooting came after a dispute related to the tattoo parlor next door to the barber shop. Court documents say Michael David Hart was upset with employees at the parlor, so he grabbed a gun from his car and shot.

Police arrested Hart Tuesday in Mesa for the shooting, about four miles away from the scene.

Rafael Nicholas Santos was also arrested -- police say he was with Hart at the tattoo shop and drove him away from the scene.