STOKES COUNTY, NC -- The Stokes County Sheriff's Office is arrested a man who they say tried to run over a sheriff's deputy.

The incident started around 8:45 pm on Wednesday, June 14. Deputy M Scriven was trying to stop a white Chevy suburban on 704 but the suburban would not stop. It traveled east on Hwy 704 and then east on Hwy 772 and crashed into a ditch. The suburban was facing Deputy M Scriven as he exited his vehicle. He said he recognized the driver as Logan Bevill. As Scriven approached the vehicle, he said Bevill tried to run him over. Deputy Scriven then fired his gun at Bevill, so Bevill put the suburban in reverse, did a u-turn and sped away. Scriven gave chase again and lost sight of the suburban.

Logan Bevill was wanted on charges of assault with deadly weapon intent to kill, assault with deadly weapon on government official and felony fleeing to elude.

Bevil received a $100,000 secure bond and will be in court on June 28.