FRIENDSWOOD, Texas - A man in Friendswood caught a teenager breaking into truck but decided not to press charges.

Investigators say the break-in happened early Monday morning

Steven Whiteside said he thought about it, thought about his own actions at 16 years old, and after talking with the teen's father, felt it was right decision to let him go.

"I saw a broken father," Whiteside said Tuesday night holding his 2-year-old daughter. "I'm a father myself, and I recognize that people should get second chances."

Whiteside said he was washing a popcorn bowl after watching Game of Thrones early Monday. He darted out of his house after he noticed the light above his garage go on.

After he realized someone was breaking into his truck, Whiteside came out armed with an unloaded BB gun.

"So I stomped up and then said, 'Stop what you're doing! Hands in the air,' and he complied," Whiteside said. "He asked me not to call the police. I'm telling him, 'No,' and 'Be quiet. Be still. Don't move your hands.'"

Whiteside didn't know at the time the suspect was just 16. He's hoping his actions send a message.

Whiteside admits he keeps the doors to his truck unlocked, but only so burglars don't smash his windows to get inside. He said he doesn't keep any valuables in the truck, so the teen wouldn't have gotten anything.