DANVILLE, VA - The Danville Police Department is looking for a man they believe has groped several women over the last couple months.

According to a release, the man has groped women five times.

The first incident was January 13 at the Walmart on Mt. Cross road, and another groping happened there on February 25. Two incidents have been reported at the Target on Holt Garrison Pkwy, as well as the Dollar Tree on Lowes Drive.

Police said in some of the attacks the suspect was following the women around the store and even followed them to another store before groping them.

The suspect drives a light blue or teal four door passenger car with a large white spot on the driver's side door and the left front corner of the bumper. Police also say there is noticeable rust on the left front fender and it has North Carolina tags.

Anyone with information about these incidents is encouraged to contact Danville Crime Stoppers at (434) 793-0000, the Danville Police Department at (434) 799-5111, or via our crime tips line on your computer at crimetips@danvilleva.gov. Information given will remain confidential.