SAN ANTONIO -- A man watched helplessly as a thief jumped into his car at a car wash and drive away. The owner of the car believes the thief might have been handed the keys.

“Our car was up in front here. The next thing I notice it’s leaving without us in it,” said car owner Roger Flores.

Flores said he was waiting to reclaim his car, a 2016 Toyota Highlander, at the Wash Tub at 281 and Bitters, the same place he’s been going for years.

“They give you the ticket and they say hey, when you get your vehicle make sure you present this,” Flores said.

He said he suspects an employee got duped.

“You know, brand new working here. Never heard of this happening before,” Flores said.

That’s something the folks at Wash Tub are trying to figure out. They were kind enough to show KENS 5 security camera footage of the moment the thief drove off; door still wide open.

But it’s too far away to see how he got away with it.

“It is not clear at all whether the thief grabbed the keys or not,” said Wash Tub Area Director Gary Reaves.

It’s also unclear why the thief stole the car.

Two weeks ago another car was stolen from a Wash Tub on Marbach Road. Both bearing signs of a carjacking, something hard to prevent.

“Barring putting anyone’s life in danger to stop that from happening, I don’t think so,” Reaves said.

For now, Wash Tub has provided Flores and family with a rental car, is handling their insurance claim, and is working with police to catch the suspect. A man who, in a matter of minutes, taught Flores a lesson he won’t soon forget.

“You know, you’re never too far away from something like this happening,” Flores said.