WINSTON-SALEM, NC - Three men are on the run after crashing with a Highway Patrol Trooper early Friday morning.

According to Highway Patrol, an officer on duty attempted to pull over a car driving 10 mph over the speed limit, and did not have its taillights on.

After the trooper put on his lights, the car refused to pull over. The trooper chased the car for one to two minutes before they crashed.

The crash is still being investigated, but troopers tell WFMY News 2 the trooper on scene's airbag deployed causing him some pain, but his injuries are minor.

After the crash, troopers said the three men in the other car ran off. They later found the car they were driving, a Toyota Camry, was stolen in Winston-Salem last Friday.

Troopers say they have no other information on the three suspects. If you have any information please call Highway Patrol at 800-233-3151 or call the Forsyth District Office at 336-761-2441.