It is among the most disturbing cases to underscore the scope of the heroin crisis.

A Berea couple has been indicted on child endangerment charges after their 8-year-old apparently overdosed on heroin.

Charles Dowdy and Danielle Simko were raising the child on Milton Street in Berea, in a home that once belonged to Simko’s grandparents.

Last month, when Dowdy noticed his son stop breathing and his lips turning blue, he called 911.

Police found drugs and needles at the home and suspected both parents of being high.

At the hospital, sources say they also found drugs hidden inside a toy watch kept inside the boy’s sock. When he took a urine test, they say heroin was in his system.

Dowdy and Simko were arrested. This week, a grand jury indicted them on charges of child endangering and drug possession.

They are scheduled to be arraigned Friday morning.

One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, believes it marks a new rock bottom.

“Absolutely horrible, the whole epidemic thing,” he said. “It’s just way out of hand and it’s hitting awful close to home now. Real close to home. We live on the same street. It’s devastating to hear.”

It is unclear how the heroin got into the boy’s system.

His neighbors say he is now living with his grandparents and appears to be doing well.