THORNTON, Colo. -- A 59-year-old woman who side-swiped a series of cars in Thornton before trying to steal a Cadillac, and eventually wrecked that too, will avoid jail time.

Deborah Jean Daniels was sentenced to one year of probation on Wednesday in connection with multiple hit-and-runs in Thornton last May.

On May 17, 2016, Daniels side-swiped a "number of vehicles" at Washington Street and East 104th Avenue according to prosecutors, and then tried to drive off in one of the vehicles she had rear-ended.

That vehicle, a Cadillac Escalade, was totaled when Daniels crashed it shortly after hopping into the SUV while its driver got out to check on damage from the hit-and-run.

Daniels had been charged with first-degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, driving under the influence, reckless endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident and careless driving.

On Wednesday, an Adams County District Court Judge sentenced her to one year of probation with participation in a court-ordered mental health treatment program.

Daniels has been in treatment since the crash - and her subsequent arrest - last year.

In court, the judge said he was imposing the probation and treatment sentence because Daniels had taken responsibility for her actions and sought treatment since her arrest.

“But if you wind up back here again, I will have a different reaction,” he warned, according to a press release from the DA's office.

She will also have to pay restitution for the vehicle damage she caused: nearly $40,000.

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