*GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - Some viewers may find photos graphic*

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. - A dog found in Cabarrus County was reportedly burned with chemicals and abandoned when a good Samaritan brought him to the Cabarrus County Animal Shelter.

After an initial assessment, the Samaritan and the shelter thought that the dog had been hit by a car. However, as the dog's condition worsened, a local animal lover, Ian Leemans, helped arrange a transfer to Imagine Pet Rescue in Savannah Georgia where greater care could be given.

The dog was named Ian after Leemans and his efforts to help save the badly injured pup.

Once in the hands of Imagine Pet Rescue, the extent of Ian the dog's injuries became clearer.

According to a post on the Rescue's Facebook page, "The extent of his injuries is immeasurable. His neck has been burned down to the cartilage and his back through the muscle."

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After his first surgery with Savannah Animal Care, it was discovered that Ian is also positive for Heartworms and has an infection that will require an amputation of one of his ears.

According to Leemans, the people that found the dog have donated to his care and are getting regular updates on his progress.

The post says Ian is now at veterinary partner of Imagine Pet Rescue, Savannah Animal Care, and will require, "extensive wound care spanning over months of treatment."

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to help pay for Ian's medical bills and to give him proper care in his recovery.. It can be found here.

Photo via Ian Leemans