CASWELL COUNTY, N.C. -- Burlington Police say information about a missing person led investigators to a body found in a field in Caswell County Friday evening.

Investigators with Burlington Police Department, SBI, and Caswell County Sheriff's Office responded to the area of Totten Road in Caswell County after getting a tip on the whereabouts of Harold Dean Simpson, who was reported missing on August 19.

Burlington Police looking for 84-year-old Harold Dean Simpson.

Officials say they found a body in a field. Police have not yet confirmed if the body is Mr. Simpson.

However, Simpson's son, Robert, says he knows it's his father.

"Daddy was a great provider," said Simpson.

Sitting on his father's porch, under an American flag at half staff, Robert Simpson is still in shock.

"People wonder who would want to hurt him? Who would want to hurt him," said Simpson. "I am relieved that they found him. The worst case would have been if they didn't find him."

Simpson says Harold was a grandfather who raised his kids in Burlington.

"He always made mama take us to church," said Simpson.

Even at 84-years-old, Simpson says his dad still worked three days a week -- cleaning machinery at a local warehouse.

Simpson says his father was the kind-of guy who would do anything to help a friend or even a stranger.

"Good to a fault and I think the fault caught up with him this time," said Simpson. "The only thing I can tell you is I love my dad. I hate this happened to him. I hope it doesn't happen to anybody else's dad."

Simpson says he tried to go out to the scene where the body was found to get a good look for himself but investigators couldn't let him through.

Police say the body has been taken to the NC Medical Examiner's Office for examination and identification.

Police haven't officially named a suspect, or even said if foul played was involved.

But a couple from Burlington that was wanted in Simpson's disappearance is still being held in jail in Minnesota for a crime they allegedly committed in Virginia.

If the body found in Caswell County is in fact Simpson's, police say they'll try to get the couple brought back to Burlington.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call Alamance County Crime Stoppers at 336-229-7100.