The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has confirmed a March 15 sighting in Oklahoma City of a 15-year-old teen and the 50-year-old man wanted for her kidnapping earlier this month.

Elizabeth Thomas and her former teacher, Tad Cummins, disappeared on March 13. The following day authorities issued an AMBER Alert for them in Tennessee and Alabama.

Late Thursday evening, TBI received a tip that Thomas and Cummins may have been seen in Oklahoma City on March 15, two days after they disappeared.

After reviewing surveillance images from an Oklahoma City Walmart, TBI announced Friday that it has confirmed the sighting.

Footage showed Cummins using cash to purchase various food items, but not anything else of significance, TBI said.

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The March 15 footage are the first images of Cummins and Thomas that investigators have obtained since the alleged kidnapping on March 13.

It appears Cummins has darkened his hair and Thomas may currently have red hair.

Investigators are working to determine what vehicle they were using at the time.

Cummins is wanted for Aggravated Kidnapping and Sexual Contact with a Minor. TBI also added him to its 'Top 10 Most Wanted' list.