GRAPEVINE, Texas -- A Colleyville mother is asking for help to locate a stolen car that is irreplaceable.

"It's not just a car. It's my son's car that had been passed to my nephews, and we just want the car back," said Leslie Napier.

Napier's son Zach was just 25 when he died in 2014. The Colleyville native was on a trip to Thailand and Cambodia to celebrate his graduation from Stephen F. Austin State University when he passed away.

"He was a great kid, very outgoing. So many friends," said Napier. "I think all the holidays are really tough, especially Mother's Day. Zach was our only child, so we grieve still."

In life, Zach's 2006 Acura TL was one of his most treasured possessions. He purchased it four years before his death and took it on.

"He had a nickname for the car from the very beginning," said Napier. "He named it White Lightning."

Napier wanted to keep Zach's car in the family, so she gave it to her nephews in Grapevine, who were like brothers to her son. They loved the car as much as he did.

It was parked outside their home Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning, it was gone.

"I thought, 'Why Zach's car? Of all the cars. None of them mean anything except for that one,'" said Zach's aunt Paige Armstrong. "I immediately called the police, and they came out and told me about all the burglaries that had happened."

Zach's car was the only one stolen that night. Grapevine Police say there were car burglaries in seven different locations in one neighborhood. They're now investigating whether the burglaries were connected, but police say that most of the vehicles were left unlocked.

Armstrong's car was unlocked when it was burglarized, and she said inside was a key FOB that allowed the thieves to steal the white Acura.

Napier and Armstrong remain hopeful that someone will see their car and report it to police. The white 2006 Acura TL carried a Texas license plate of CC5-R430.

"That would be the best Mother's Day ever. That would be so awesome," said Napier.