CLOVER, S.C. -- A Clover man was robbed of $20,000 after a trip to a Lake Wylie Bank, and he believes the thieves followed him more than 10 miles to get their hands on the money.

“The thieves drive right up to the driver’s side door of my truck. They don’t do anything other than shatter the back driver’s side door, reach in grab the money and they’re gone,” Jonas Farris explained.

He believes the criminals knew exactly where to look. Now, York County deputies are searching for at least two men who broke into Farris' truck.

“I had just gotten paid and wanted to be able to take care of some other bills,” Farris said.

After selling some property worth $20,000, Farris drove to a Wells Fargo branch in Lake Wylie to cash the check. He said he believes seven people were in the bank and the time and said the money counting machine was positioned at the bank's entrance.

“Any and everybody could see,” Farris said.

He took his cash and left, putting the money in the backseat of his truck. On his way home, Farris said he received a call from his wife to pick up some food, so he stopped at Ben's Country Store, about 10 miles from the bank.

"(I) Ordered food. Was in there no more than five to six minutes. And the back window of my truck was shattered and all the money was taken,” he said.

That robbery was captured on the store’s surveillance camera.

Farris believes the men who robbed him were inside the bank when he cashed his check, so determined to get the money they followed him.

It’s why he’s frustrated Wells Fargo hasn’t yet released any of its surveillance video to police.

Wells Fargo released a statement to NBC Charlotte, saying in part:

“We work closely with officials to provide them appropriate information in a timely and effective manner that may assist in the arrest and successful prosecution of those responsible for criminal activities.”

Farris said York County deputies told him making that stop likely saved his life.

“If I would have came home and gotten out my vehicle, he told me I could have been shot here in my front yard,” he said.

He’s thankful the faces that matter most are safe and sound.

“The thieves, they got $20,000 but they didn’t get the important things," Farris said. "They didn’t get my family, they didn’t get me, and that’s a lot to be thankful.”

NBC Charlotte spoke with a representative of Wells Fargo by phone and were told releasing video often takes 10 to 14 days because surveillance is not stored at each branch and the company has to protect privacy of customers.