CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Two people are still on the run after police say a home invasion turned into a suburban shootout in broad daylight.

"People coming home from work," said Mark Ennis, who lives across from the shooting. "I still got my four year old. He loves to be outside, but do you want him to be outside now? No, not really."

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says this shootout spilled onto Christian Scott Lane following a home invasion.

Neighbors say there was a 10-year-old child outside playing when gunfire erupted. Thankfully he was able to run to safety.

One homeowner shared cell phone footage with NBC Charlotte. In it you can see one of the gunman who appears to be hit crawling to the front door of their house.

Mark Ennis lives in the neighborhood.

"Most of the casings were right in front of my house," said Ennis. "CSI was right in front of my house tagging all the shell casings. It just looked like they were exchanging with rifles. Thirty round clips is what it seemed like to me."

Police have arrested one suspect, and are searching for at least two more.

"I rushed inside to get into the kitchen," said Conrad John. "I put down the garage door. It's automatic, so he got trapped."

Conrad John helped police catch the bad guy.

"You locked him in the garage?" asked NBC Charlotte's Xavier Walton.

"Yeah," said John.

With the other gunman and get away driver on the run families are living in fear.

"The neighbors got a bullet hole in their house," said Ennis. "I'm right across the street from that house."