BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas - Thousands of people across the county have warrants for their arrest. To cut down on that number, a grace period is in place. But the days are numbered.

Right now, there's an amnesty period for people with Class C misdemeanors. The amnesty period runs through Nov. 4 for people with cases in the College Station Municipal Court and the Brazos County Justice of the Peace courts.

During the grace period, those with warrants can show up to the court and pay their fines and avoid jail time. They may also get the amnesty fee waived.

"We have payment plan coordinators that will work with you," said Judge Ed Spillane with the College Station Municipal Court. "We just want people to avoid being arrested. It also helps us because if people don't come to court, we can't take care of their cases."

After Nov. 4, "warrant roundup" begins and extra resources will be used to arrest those with warrants.

If you have a case with the College Station Municipal Court, you can check to see if you have a warrant here.