WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- The Winston-Salem Police Department hopes a series of social media videos about cold cases will help them close open cases.

The first two videos detailing 2016 cases told the stories of Walter Odom and Karodd Nash. In the video released today, they detailed the case of 18-year-old Angel Bernardino Gonzales.

Gonzales was shot on N. Cherry Street on September 29, 2016. Police say he was standing outside with a group of people when someone started shooting at the group. Gonzales was shot and died at the scene. Police say a suspicious vehicle was seen in the area before the shooting. It was described as a brown, older model passenger car, "boxy" in appearance and occupied by at least two men.

The video is posted on the Winston-Salem Police Department website in hopes that someone will see it and give police tips that'll lead to an arrest. If you have any information that might help, call Winston-Salem Police at (336) 727-2800.

The department released similar videos on a series of 2015 cold cases, and those videos have led to at least one arrest.