JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A North Carolina woman has been arrested on a fugitive warrant for her alleged involvement in two baby's bodies that were found under a home.

Bridgette Morgan Smith, 41, is wanted in Smithfield, North Carolina.

WTVD TV reports family members found the remains of two infants in trash bags under a home in Smithfield while they were trying to string cable under the home.

Snith's family told the station she had been fighting a drug addiction, mainly with cocaine and meth, and may have been pregnant many times.

"She'd walk in and be fine. We could be standing face to face and she would be big and she would just say she was fat. She would never say she was pregnant ever," said Hayley Fugate.

When asked what the family knew, Fugate said nothing. She said all they had were their suspicions of pregnancies and that they had no idea those babies were under the house.

At this point, she is charged with failing to report the deaths and North Carolina authorities are expected to try and bring her back from Jacksonville.