DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- At-home security cameras are helping the Davidson County Sheriff's Office in a new way.

People or businesses with security cameras can now sign up to be part of a surveillance database. Detective Michael Hurd started it about 3 weeks ago, making it easier for investigators to start looking for evidence if there's any report of a break-in or a crime.

"The cameras are there anyway," explains Davidson County Sheriff David Grice. "We just look down the list and we see something in the neighborhood, talk to those folks see if we can look at their camera."

Deputies will keep personal information private. If there is a crime reported in a certain neighborhood, they can just look in the database to see if they can get a jump start on where to start looking for any video. Sheriff Grice says it's economical and it saves deputies a lot of leg work.

"I think it's great!" says Jeri Harris, who runs J&S Jewelry in Thomasville with her brother.

She says she'd be interested in joining the database. They put cameras in last year and says they've already helped stop one man from trying to steal something.

"It's important that we take care of it because it would be a big loss," Harris says.

It's a big loss they don't want anyone else to endure, so if they can help deputies crack some cases with their footage, they will.

"Cars runs on gasoline, law enforcement runs on information," says Sheriff Grice.

So far 60 people have signed up for the database. The Sheriff's Office hasn't had to use it yet for any break-ins, but they expect it will help solve them faster.

If you are interested in the program, call the Davidson County Sheriff's Office at 336-242-2105