What do you do when you are stuck on Interstate 70 for over an hour?

You may decide to listen to podcasts or catch up on emails from work.

But not Rachel.

Rachel Bomgaars put on a T. rex costume, quickly got out of the car, and started to dance in the middle of traffic.

Rachel and her friends were coming back from a bachelorette party in Breckenridge when there was an accident that shut down all lanes at the east end of Johnson Tunnel.

Can't see the dinosaur GIF? Click here: http://gph.is/2tdUoZF

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The costume was for a pajama party contest.

When she saw the T. Rex suit sticking out in the back and the sea of cars, Rachel knew how she could cheer up her friends and strangers.

People ran out of their cars to take pictures and videos of a dancing T. rex.

Rachel won not only the pajama party contest but also the hearts of those on I-70.

You can watch two videos of Rachel in action below: