COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP, WLTX) - South Carolina public safety officials are giving out eclipse tips like "Don't look at the sun while driving."

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Emergency officials say that seems like common sense advice, but the Aug. 21 eclipse will be so extraordinary and historic, people may forget even the most basic safety rules.

"It's going to be unusual," said Maj. Gen. Robert Livingston, the Adjutant General of the South Carolina National Guard. "And as much as people say 'I'm prepared for that' they may look up, and the car in front of them stop. Or they may do something that's unexpected, and the people around them aren't prepared.

Transportation officials say they will put messages like "Don't look up at the sun" on highway signs.

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The Highway Patrol says all available troopers will be working to make sure roads remain as clear as possible, particularly along Interstate 26. The SCDOT is suspending all lane closures between August 19 and August 21.

An estimated 1 million people are expected in South Carolina, which will see a total eclipse in a 70-mile (110-kilometer) strip across its three major cities.

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The state says people should "be prepared" and leave in plenty of time for any event, saying people should expect heavy traffic.

"Know what you're going to do that time a day, and carry out that plan," Livingston said. "Get with your family, get with your friends, and enjoy the event."

Livingston said at a news conference it's fun planning for an eclipse instead of a disaster.