GREENSBORO, NC -- Today's the day. This afternoon, the total solar eclipse will sweep across the United States. Here in the Piedmont, we will miss on the total solar eclipse, but we will have well over 90 percent of the sun covered.

The day will be quite normal all the way through lunchtime, but the partial eclipse will begin after 1pm. The moon will start to slightly cover the sun beginning around 1:15. It will slowly move across the sun, blocking out almost all of the sun by 2:40 this afternoon. After that, it will slowly pass by, with everything returning to normal by 4:00.

Again, our area will never get fully dark. That only happens in the 70 mile wide path of totality, which stretches from Oregon to South Carolina, only clipping extreme western North Carolina. Still, most in the Triad will see about 95% of the sun covered.

To safely view the eclipse in our area you'll need to have official, certified solar eclipse glasses. #14 welders glass is also a safe method to view the sun. If you don't have either of these, you'll need to create a pinhole projector with a cereal box or a shoe box to indirectly view the eclipse.

As far as our weather is concerned, most of the area will have a good amount of clear skies by eclipse time. Cloud cover is expected to be 30% or less. However, there could be one or two showers in the area that dampens the viewing for a few folks.

Make sure to watch our eclipse special on WFMY from 2pm to 3pm this afternoon, or join us at our eclipse party, Total Eclipse of the Park at Triad Park from 10am to 4pm.