GREENSBORO, NC -- It might sound crazy, but the eclipse will actually change the weather for a period of time as it sweeps across the country on Monday. The temperature will drop a few, or even several degrees, depending on where you are.

Here's how it works. On a daily basis, the sun heats up the Earth. That's the whole reason why we're warm during the day. Think about taking away that heat source, even for just a little bit.

During the solar eclipse, the sun will be blocked either partially or totally for a time across the country depending on where you are. This is effectively taking away the heat source temporarily. Just like after sunset, the temperature will start to drop.

In the path of totality, the temperature could drop more than 10 degrees. In the partial eclipse, including over North Carolina, the temperature drop will be more subtle, about 2 to 5 degrees.

As the eclipse ends, the sun comes back out, and the temperature will again warm.