ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. - More than 200 of your fellow viewers have written in to nominate a school for our new segment 2 Thank Teachers. That's where we bring a sweet treat to a school campus to show teachers how much the Triad appreciates them.

Investigative reporter Ben Briscoe started this program after finding poor teacher morale may be one of the reasons behind a staggering amount of chronically absent teachers missing school. And this time Ben’s dropped off donuts at Haw River Elementary School. Here’s why he picked that viewer submission from Donna Ayers.

Ayers says her three kids have ADHD, so they can't sit still.

“My kids are in motion from the time they get up in the morning until the time they go to bed at night. They are in constant motion,” she said.

And at their Haw River Elementary School in Alamance County, the staff noted a lot of students are this way.
So 4th grade teacher Ms. McCoy embraced that balled up energy by changing her class room from traditional desks to bean bags and yoga gear.

“Nothing says that learning has to be uncomfortable. I know when I go home to grade papers, I want to sit on the couch with a bag of chips," Ms. McCoy said.

It’s already helped behavior problems and improve focus. Oh and one more thing, Ms. McCoy paid for the entire transformation herself.

“We like kids and we want to see them grow and aspire to be something,” she said.

Just one of the reasons Mom Donna nominated the school’s teachers to be rewarded with donuts through WFMY’s 2 Thank Teachers program.

“I hope they know from the bottom of my heart that without them my kids would not be doing as well as they are," Ayers said.

If you want to nominate a school, just e-mail And make sure to follow Ben Briscoe on Facebook, so you don't miss the next school we pick.