IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. -- School officials in Iredell County say a fifth grader came to school armed with a knife because he was afraid following the recent shooting at a South Carolina elementary school.

"That would destroy our family if any of our kids were involved in anything like that or were on the receiving end of anything like that," said Adam Borello, a Charlotte parent.

Wednesday flashing lights and caution tape filled the Townville Elementary School parking lot. Those images were engrained in minds across the country. A teacher and two students, one just six years old, were hit by bullets after a 14-year-old showed up at the school with a gun.

Federal law kept the school district from releasing the student's name, but they sent us this statement in part:

The incident was handled appropriately according to our Student Code of Conduct handbook. We encourage all of our families to discuss with their children what is and is not appropriate items to bring to school.

Christina Wollmuth has two kids neither of which are old enough for kindergarten.

"If its that bad now who knows how bad it'll be when they're that age," said Wollmuth. "It's sad that a fifth grader is worried for his safety in a place where he should never have to worry about his safety."