GREENSBORO, N.C. – It was cloaks on, masks for Greensboro Firefighters on Wednesday, October 11 at the Public Safety Training Facility for another day of Superhero Academy.

The firefighters split up into different interactive stations to teach a specific safety measure to elementary-aged kids from local schools.

Fire Marshal Timothy Henshaw says that by bringing students in to first responders’ own “school,” they can teach the same things their recruits learn in a kid-appropriate manner, “so they can be fire-safety superheroes!”

Superheroes was definitely the way to go!

Hulk, Thor, Flash, Ironman, Captain American and Groot were only some of the famous heroes teaching skills and safety at the stations.

The academy is an on-going event the week of October 9-13.

“Every day we invited a different school to come spend the morning with us and go through these different event challenges,” Henshaw said.

At the Thor’s Strength Training station, students used a keiser machine to simulate using a sledgehammer or an ax a firefighter would use to break through surfaces when a house is on fire.

The Hose Station simulated putting out an actual fire by using an actual fire hose. Kids aimed at the pretend fire to put it out with the fire hose.

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In the Spiderman Crawl, kids had to crawl through a dark tunnel and rescue Guardians of the Galaxy’s Baby Groot which simulates firefighters having to crawl their way through a burning area to rescue trapped victims without being able to see because of smoke.

The Spiderman rope course, “where they have to go through an obstacle course with ropes,” Henshaw said. “This simulates to the kids getting things tangled on you” during a fire and that staying low in the smoke without panicking will get you to a safe space quicker.

Ironman and Flash were in charge of the CPR Station and they taught kids the basics of CPR and safety.

“We realize that anybody at any age can start CPR until a trained responder gets there. There’s no reason our youth should not know those skills too,” Henshaw explained.

Greensboro Fire Department hopes that youth in Guilford County and Greensboro realize they can be a superhero for fire safety, no matter their age!

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