GREENSBORO, NC - Random Act of Kindness week is a chance to reach out and do something nice, and Triad middle school students are taking note... literally.

When you walk into Hairston Middle School, the first thing you see are hundred sticky notes filled with positive messages.

Jameshia Coleman is the school counselor, and she explained that students were given no direction other than to write something kind,

“We went into all the classrooms and we discussed what kind of random acts of kindness we felt like students could do and what kindness means to them here at Hairston Middle School.”

Some messages included personalized thank you's to teachers, compliments to students, as well as general uplifting phrases like, 'You're so special' or 'I care about you'.

Now, students and teachers alike feel more special according to school social worker Denisha Ross,

“To walk into a place and feel thought about and cared about, among over 600 students was just awesome. So I think a lot of them felt cared about, thought about and felt like an individual rather than just a number.”

And Coleman is hoping these lessons will go past Random Act of Kindness week,

"We literally turned our atrium into a kindness like confetti area, so we have literally thrown kindness like confetti all over the school and that’s our goal in hopes that it will continue the Random acts of kindness for our students here.”