HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Orange County Schools Monday night approved a revamped dress code that bans the Confederate flag after months of discussions.

Just last month, a proposed policy prohibited students from wearing clothes that are disruptive, or could reasonably intimidate other students, but stopped short of explicitly mentioning the Confederate flag.

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In Monday night’s meeting, specific language about the Confederate flag, KKK and swastikas was added to the previous policy as examples of what would not be allowed.

Last month some people were not pleased with the proposed policy, saying they wanted the new dress code to specifically ban the Confederate flag.

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That policy would have left it to the principal to decide if the symbolic speech is disruptive or intimidating.

“If the staff member and the principal doesn’t see it as reasonable intimidation, then we’re back at the same place,” said one parent last month.

If the dress code plan from last month was approved, every school in the district would have determined, individually, what is prohibited.